Project description – Yakovlev Posad - Ramo

Project description – Yakovlev Posad


Within expansion of geography of the land plots provided under construction, the RAMO company submits to your attention the new project “Estate Yakovlev Posad”. The favorable ecological situation, existence of communications, good transport availability and the beautiful place were the main criteria of the choice of lands for the new project.
The sites located in the Lebedyansky direction, between the New Village and Dry Lubna adjoining the village of Yakovlevka are prepared for sale.
The total area of the territory on which cottage settlements will be located is – 47,8 hectares

In 2017 for sale 40 sites of the first stage of construction on Ilyinskaya St. are presented.
Here the road in slag execution, the power line is already constructed, construction of a water supply system is conducted.
Also we bring to your attention the land plots on new Alekseevkaya Street.


The village of Yakovlevka is included into the Lubnovsky rural settlement. The administrative center of the rural settlement of Lubnovsky is the village Dry Lubna. Costs on Lebedyanskoye Highway which in the village crosses the river Dry Lubna.
The first mentions of a mudflow are dated 1650. Lubyansk Otvershina are mentioned in documents of 1650. Then Yablonova the heathland (monastery) which was under Lebedyanyyu has received hay mowings here. It is possible that the foundation for settling of Lubensky otvershk was laid by monastic peasants.
In 1837 in Dry Lubna Church of the Intercession (a regional monument of architecture) is constructed.


For 01.01.2017 the population made 1287 people:
The rural settlement has the agro-industrial direction. In its territory are:
— the limited liability company which is releasing several types of meat production and sausages (processing industry);
— Ltd company: Novolipetskoye and Selkhozprodukt (agricultural purpose);
— country farms: “Lapwing”, “Apple orchard”, “Hope”, “Fenist”, Holostovo;
— The consumer market which includes 5 enterprises of retail trade and public catering and 1 public service establishment.
All settlements of the rural settlement the Lubnovsky Village Council of the Lipetsk municipal district are connected by roads to an asphalt covering, to bus traffic. There is a suburban bus route No. 105 from the central market.
Pages are installed gas. Dry Lubna and of Yakovlevk, Is available the centralized water supply, 6 water towers.
In the rural settlement work: Medical and obstetrical center, TORMENTS “The settlement center of culture and leisure” which has a gym with exercise machines and the playground, post office, the house of household services, MOE SOSH of page. Dry Lubna in whom the group of day stay of children of preschool age functions prepares for opening one more group of kindergarten.

The famous native of these places is the Hero of the Soviet Union Ksenia Konstantinova (1925 — 1943). In the village there is a street called by her name