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Project description New Dubrava

Affordable and qualitative housing for the Russian citizens.
The idea of creation of inexpensive and qualitative housing, in our opinion, has to be implemented by means of creation of satellite towns, with a totality of necessary municipal and social infrastructure, i.e. to formation of territories, similar “city” on comfort of accommodation.

The RAMO company realizes one of such projects – the country settlement “New Oak grove” located in 20 km. to the southwest from the city of Lipetsk, between villages the Frequent Oak grove and Thorny (The Lipetsk district). The site planning and buildings pursues the aim of creation of the satellite town, with a totality of municipal and social infrastructure located in the beauty spot with a beautiful landscape. Also construction of school on 1100 places, 2-x kindergartens on 350 and 250 places, a sports complex, shopping center is provided in the New Oak Grove project. Good transport availability – existence of highways with an asphalt covering, regular bus traffic. In a radius of 15 km from this place there are no industrial enterprises – it is one of the places, most favorable for accommodation, on a wind rose. Fresh air, 3 stocked ponds, the mushroom wood, fertile lands – here the incomplete list of advantages of life in the New Oak grove. For service of infrastructure of the settlement the internal customer service of operation which will provide in the long term management of the territory of the settlement, her protection, repair and the maintenance of networks is created.

The Frequent Oak grove is in the center of the village Church of Our Lady of Kazan, also the high comprehensive school, kindergarten, shops, out-patient point and many other things work in the village.

It is possible to spend the leisure-time in Recreation center where two national collectives work. At club the school of arts works. Children are engaged on a class of a piano, wind and national instruments and also folklore singing. But the main place of leisure is the Center for sport, tourism and work with youth. One of his rooms is equipped under the mini-gym. Here not only the youth, but also school students, their parents comes. The center brings together initiative and active inhabitants under the roof, will organize such actions as the Youth Day, Day of the athlete, Day of the fisherman. The last became a favourite holiday of chastodubravets, in a type of 3 stocked ponds. A large carp, a crucian, a bream – here the list of its inhabitants. It is possible to use in the winter services of skiing lodge to which come from all area. This year have opened also a summer season here: sports in the fresh air, a picnic in the wood. From novelties – the Scandinavian walking. It is more detailed I have sat down to get acquainted with history not only, but also all area it is possible in Chastodubravsky museum of local lore. Not in each city there is a storage of the past moreover and with long-term “experience” and numerous exhibits. So the museum in the Frequent Oak grove is the real historical treasury and the hallmark of the settlement.

The village the Frequent Oak grove is located in a forest-steppe zone of Central Russian Upland. The hilly plain up to 220 m high is cut up by ravines where under a half-meter layer of the chernozem there are loams. Quality of the soil high. On Frequent the Oak grove proceeds the Repets River which is Don inflow also there are three spring ponds. Climatic and favorable ecological conditions, in a radius of 15 km aren’t present any industrial facility. In Soviet period there was a collective farm “Lenin’s Testament” here.

   Church of Our Lady of Kazan. Every year on November 4 inhabitants celebrate the light holiday devoted to an icon of the Kazan Mother of God, also this day celebrate the Day of the village.
  Recreation center. At present is on reconstruction, but cultural life goes on. At recreation center the great number of various ensembles and collectives which go on tour across the Lipetsk region and Russia is created. Also at recreation center there is a Borinskoy branch of music school. The program of recreation center is designed for different age groups and gives free classes.
  The Pchelka kindergarten is counted on 250 places, regularly functions. The garden is equipped with the pool and the gym.
   The school in the Frequent Oak grove differs in teachers and professional approach. Most of graduates with ease come to higher educational institutions. At school there is a set of various facultative occupations, circles and additional training courses. The school is noted by the following awards: in 2006 – the winner of the regional competition “School of Year”, in 2007 – the winner in a competition of the institutions introducing innovative technologies within the priority national Education project.
  Out-patient unit of the Central regional hospital of the Borinsky district. Contacts: page. Frequent Oak grove, Mekhanizatorov St., 4, phone 75-37-10.
   The museum of local lore contains more than 5 000 exhibits. In the museums you can get acquainted with history of the Lipetsk region and also the Lipetsk district.
   Rescue and fire fighting post. The number of staff of 12 people, on arms 2 fire trucks. Radius of service of a fire post includes 3 rural administrations.