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Buy cheaper

For those who want to buy cheaper, we offer you conditions that allow you to buy at a discount and accumulate reliable assets – land plots, using RCS bonuses, which are equivalent to a particular land plot, with the increase in cost, the bonus size also increases.

RCS bonuses are accrued when you make money on a standard preliminary contract in the form of payment for a real land plot, or utility services (see Appendix – 1, 2, 3, 3) and are their equivalent.

Using the RCS bonuses you can buy, our land plots with a discount of up to 12.5% (see Appendix – Table 1), and also pay for the discounted utilities in the territory of our Satellite City Novaya Dubrava (see Appendix – Table 2) .

On the balance of the bonus account, monthly, taking into account the capitalization, is accrued up to 12% per annum depending on the size of the account balance, starting from 100 (one hundred) RCS bonuses (see Appendix – Table 3).

That is, we formulate once again the main theses of the discount-funded system proposed by us:

  1. RCS bonuses are the equivalent of a particular asset (land plot), or services, and they can be exchanged at any time for that asset or service;
  2. monthly grows, not only the size of the bonus itself, but also their number on the account:
    • size – due to a temporary factor, due to the development of the Novaya Dubrava Satellite City and the rise in price of land plots, since the RCS bonus is their equivalent;
    • the amount is due to the monthly accrual of interest on the bonus account (see Appendix-Table 3), which leads to an increase in the size of the land plot, and, again, to an increase in its value ie, a double effect is obtained;
  3. There is no land tax during the accumulation period;
  4. in fact, it is a “land deposit” in the form of a land plot for construction and communications growing in size and price;
  5. all transactions and transactions are autonomous (including registration of land plots, purchase and sale transactions, registration of transactions, submission of ads, receipt of money, etc.), do not require personal presence, everything can be done easily and remotely, even to citizens of other states – The land market in Russia is now fairly transparent and civilized.

We assume that the product offered by us answers the question:

  1. how to save something secure, or even better accumulate, without resorting to the services of the financial sector
  2. and will be useful:
    • as a means of diversifying savings by investing in growing, real, liquid assets;
    • and for people who want to accumulate a certain amount of land in the “land bank” on the “land deposit,” with the goal of building a house and moving through some time, for example, from the north or from other regions.


Organizers of the project “City-Sputnik Nova Dubrava”



– Clause 1  1 RCS – is equivalent to 56 rubles

– Claim 2    RCS 10 constitute the equivalent of 1 m2 land

– Claim 3    Minimum volume assessed at bonus score is 10 RCS


Table 1

Discounts, when buying land on the territory of the Novaya Dubrava Satellite City, using the RCS bonuses

 RCS balance  1000 –10 000  10 001 – 15 000  15 001 – 20 000 Over 20 000
% discount  5  7,5  10  12,5


Table 2

Discounts, when paying for the communal service of the territory of the Novaya Dubrava Satellite City, using the RCS bonuses

 Name of works   Base price Discount price 10% Quantity
 Excavation of the earth 1 weave  750  675  12,05
 Oak grass 1 weave  180  162  2,8
 Removal of constructiondebris 1 ton  1500  1350  24,10
 Electrical works 1 hour  500  450  8,03
 Plumbing works 1 hour  500  450  8,03
 House cleaning 1 sq.m.  25  22,5  0,4
 Laying of paving slabs 1 sq.m.  400  360  6,43
 Construction of a fence of profiled   sheet 1 per m.  1100  990  17,68
 Arrangement of blind area or concrete   tracks 1 per m.  500  450  8,03

The offer is valid until July 31, 2018.


Table 3

% per annum, depending on the size of the account balance accrued monthly, taking into account the capitalization, on the balance of the account, starting from 100 (one hundred) RCS bonuses

 RCS balance  100 –5 000 5 001 – 10  000  10 001 – 15  000  15 001 – 20 000 Over 20 000
% per annum   8  9  10  11  12


In the assets of the enterprises of the project “Satellite City” NEW DUBRAVA ”


To date, the total amount of liquid assets of the project “City-satellite” NEW DUBRAVA “is 10 (ten) million $.

The creation of each additional element of the communal and social infrastructure in the project, as well as an increase in the total number of residents, leads to an increase in the value of land plots – the main product of our project.

We will also welcome your desire to participate in the project concepts, ideas, and just a specific job (with reward RCS bonuses).